Bellanina Facelift Massage

Refresh and pamper your skin with Bellanina products combining botanical aromatherapy facial and a soothing face, neck, and shoulder massage. Fabulous signature Honeylift exfoliation treatment including hot towel wraps and concluding with a relaxing hand and foot massage.

75 minutes $75
Series highly recommended by Bellanina Institute. 6 sessions: $420 ($70 per session) Paid in advance and expires 6 months from date of purchase.

Anti-Aging Facial Massage

Turn back the hands of time while treated to a 15% Glycolic cleanser that exfoliates surface skin cells, clears pores, and reveals a softer, smoother complexion. Experience the decreased effects of puffy eyes with Refresh Anti-Puff Eye Gel in a cool serum and minimizing fine wrinkles with Intensive DNA Repair Creme. This highly advanced formula promotes reduction of redness, fine lines and improves firmness & elasticity. Lastly, a rich moisturizing layer is applied consisting of coconut serum with alpha lipoic acid and DMAE to revitalize skin.

75 minute $80

Anti-Acne Facial Massage

Whether teen or adult this facial is soothing and calming to blemished skin. Deep Purifying Cleanser utilizes a clear foamy gel incorporating the antiseptic action of mild acids to exfoliate dead cellular debris. Blemish fix spot treats trouble areas. Azulene toner formulated with Arnica & Cucumber helps to calm sensitive skin. A light-weight moisturizer Calendula Oil-Free Creme soothes and invigorates.

60 minute $70

Honeylift Mini Express Facial Massage

A warm lavender towel sets the stage for a signature Honeylift Lotion application that feels luxurious as it is applied in nurturing strokes, then cleansed and followed up with a cool peppermint scented towel. Botanical toner, moisturizer, organic SPF lip balm and eye creme complete the experience.

30 minute $45
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