Hands and Feet Reflexology Treatment

Warm towels relax you while various reflexology points are stimulated with finger pressure and other techniques corresponding to certain organs of the body to clear crystalline blockages.

60 minute $60

Fabulous Foot Treatment

Unwind with a scented foot bath infused with aromatherapy bath salts.Then relax while receiving a foot and leg massage utilizing reflexology and Swedish strokes with a silky creme lotion. Drift off while the lotion seeps in doing its magic while wearing warm cuddly booties. Priceless!

60 minute $75

Herbal Wrap

Relax into a zen state while herb infused sheet layers aim to draw out body toxins, then skin is ready to soak up a warm herbal lotion application. You are snugly cocooned wrapped and are free to drop deeply into the realm of your subconsciousness.

60 minute $70

Body Polish

Begins with a gentle body brushing to exfoliate the skin and help stimulate circulation. Next a creme-based exfoliation is applied, then removed with warm towels and followed by a rich moisturizing silk lotion. Enjoy your special time as you relax and rehydrate. Pure bliss!

75 minute $80

Migraine Treatment

Soothing treatment to help give relief from migraine headaches. Combines massage strokes with accupressure techniques.

60 minutes $75

Soothing Eye & Lip Treatment

Lips are softly exfoliated along with the delicate skin surrounding the eyes utilizing plant essence. Silky creme lotion is then richly applied with heavenly accu-pressure and lymphatic drainage strokes.

30 minute $40
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