Bellanina facelift massage is a different experience for everyone-even if you are well familiar with the SPA facials at the specialized salons or if you get regular massage therapy. The Bellanina facial uses facelift massage techniques stimulating not only facial muscles but also lymphatic nodes on your face which promotes this lifting effect.

There is much more hands-on experience with the Bellanina massage than other facial massage that one would get at the facial salons as a part of the facial treatment visit. Even if you like to use modern “high tech” skin care products and at home SPA tools, like myself-this totally relaxing procedure and natural products will be very enjoyable.

It is a great sensory experience and you will smell actual honey, rose, cucumber, lavender-all pure natural ingredients of the products used for the Bellanina. Your feet and hands are also pampered.

Mary Jo spends a lot of time with you giving her best experience, energy and love. Try at least once for a very different feel and you will be delighted. Your skin will also look lifted and firm to your touch.

Marina Z.

I never consistently got massages until I started coming to Mary Jo. From the ease of scheduling to the individualized massage, she puts your needs first. I always feel comfortable during the massage, and I leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Kim S.

Mary Jo listens to you and your body to make the time relaxing while relieving stress and tension where it hurts most.Thank you seems inadequate for the pain relief in my back and shoulders I’ve experienced through Mary Jo’s therapeutic massage. Thank you!

Lynn G.