Six-Step Skin Care Routine

The Bellanina Skin Care lines are carefully designed to protect, nourish and hydrate your skin with only the finest ingredients available. The key to keeping your skin looking smoother, healthier and younger is developing a daily skin care routine which is designed to meet your skin type needs and goals.


Everyday your skin is exposed to dirt, grime and oils which can clog the pores. A daily cleanser is the most important step you can incorporate into your skin care routine. By cleansing the skin, you are removing build up which can cause your skin to look and feel dry, oily or bland.Remember, choosing a skin cleanser that is appropriate for your specific skin type will help target your needs.
Many people assume that when you cleanse your skin, it removes dead skins cells at the same time. This is not necessarily the case. Actually, it is the lack of proper exfoliation in daily skin care which can lead to the skin looking dull and aged. Removing this buildup will reveal healthier, smoother looking skin.
After cleansing, an effective toner will help remove the hard water and minerals that can be left behind during cleansing. It is applied with a clean cotton pad and should be used once daily.
Targeted, effective treatment for common skin care issues can make a major difference in the appearance of your skin. Depending on your skin care goals, there are many products available to help you. Remember, over-the-counter products are frequently not effective to achieve long term, lasting results. Cosmeceutical grade skin care products utilize the latest skin care ingredients available in order to penetrate beyond the first layer of skin and show long-term results.
Moisturize Your skin needs moisture. Every time you cleanse, tone, exfoliate you are removing essential oils from the skin. Even if your skin is naturally oily, it may need additional hydration to look its best. Moisturizers range from light to very rich and depending on your age and skin care needs, some moisturizers may be better suited for you than others. Pay attention to your goals when selecting a daily moisturizer.
The sun’s damaging rays can cause wrinkles, fine lines and uneven skin tone and discolorations. Apply a proper sun block of at least spf 30daily (even in the winter) to prevent this type of damage.